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Saturday, 2022-07-02

Murder Mystery in rural Ireland

End of a Season is a murder mystery set in a rural Ireland, rapidly disappearing, it could almost be described as the end of an era.
Nonetheless, this film is intriguing, absorbing and draws in the viewer in a traditional whodunnit mystery.
Nothing is as it seems, a labyrinth web is weaved in a most beguiling fashion.
Set in a Gillie/Angling milieu in the west of Ireland.


Traditional whodunnit mystery

Cast: Mark McCarthy,  Michael Roper,  Barbara Timoney,  Berni O'Neill,  Paul Buckley

Included on this DVD is the 25 min short film The Synthesizer, celebrating Irish music, and weaving through this piece is every parents living nightmare of the trials and tribulations of a teenage daughter.
Cast: Michael Roper, Lisa Gillan

DVD-R, 107 minutes € 20.00

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