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Sunday, 2022-07-03

Spoof Shakespeare

Spoof Shakespeare: these adaptations of Hamlet and Macbeth can best be described as Alice in Wonderland meets Shakespeare. The plots become curiouser and curiouser as the narratives develop. Real time provincial fringe interlaces with dream, hallucination, and Shakespearian text.

Just as the plot shapes into action, Shakespeare does what Shakespeare does best, he succeeds in skipping away from the banal and predictable.




Macbeth meets The Playboy of the Western World

A production suitable for cert students and fringe theatre companies debate.

Director: Paul Buckley    Original Soundtrack: David Thatcher    Lighting Cameraman: Dietrich Bohnhorst    Starring: Sean Haughey   Barbara Timoney   Paul Buckley   Margaret Timoney   John Kerrigan   Berni O'Neill   Paul McGlinchey   Eddie Mulligan
Executive Producers: Paul Buckley   Dietrich Bohnhorst

DVD-R, 105 minutes €20.00

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