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Wednesday, 2022-05-18

High Pressure Day

Ray Robinson and me trying to catch a load of big trout.

High pressure, easterly winds and bright sunshine produced an instant depression for Ray.

After fishing a couple of lakes in the Blue Stack Mountains, without a sign of a fish, we found the one which chased all forms of angler's blues away immediately.

So, two happy anglers left the lake and the Blue Stacks in the last of the gorgeous day's sunlight.

The fly of the day, like so many times before, was the Wickham's Fancy

Lough Natragh and the Golden Beach.

Blue skies all around in Donegal.  Usually not good for angling, but today the Wickham's saves the day.  Fish from Lough Natragh.

Thursday, 09/09/2004 05:32 Age: 18 Years