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Wednesday, 2016-02-10

Pike fishing at Lough Meelagh, Co. Roscommon

A beautiful April evening at Lough Meelagh. And the fishing couldn’t be easier.

Not even wellies are required. Just walk along to the end of the jetty, fire the lure out, and you have a pike.

Well that’s what happened to me anyway.

I had nine before the treble of the lure broke. That brought my fishing to a halt.

Pike after pike after pike, and just one spinner.  We came to catch trout, but there were pike active and "accidentally" I had a spinning rod in the car.  With a wee Mepps at the end.  No landing net no nothing.  So, I gave it a try anyway.

Wednesday, 22/04/2009 15:23 Age: 7 Years