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Monday, 2018-06-18

Visit at Norddeutsche Lachszentrum Gronau, Germany

Part 2

Guenter explains at a fish pass model the problems and difficulties his group had to overcome.

Here in the "Great Hall" of the centre salmon parr are bred until they can be released into the Leine River.

Wolfgang is impressed by the little salmon in the green basins.

Guenter knows them all.

Guenter explains the feeding techniques.

I first met Guenter some 15 years ago up in Donegal, Ireland, where we fished Eany and Owenea together.  So I somehow reciprocate his visits and am very happy to see the man again.
But let’s go back to the Leine River again.
After the water quality of this Weser tributary improved from practically a sewer to salmonid standard during the 1990s, the idea to bring the salmon back was born.  Subsequently the "Salmon Centre" was established and opened.

Guenter Ohnesorge showed us around the place, with all the basins, where young salmon grow to smolt size.  Once reached that stage, they are put at carefully selected places into the Leine River.

All this work is voluntary and done by club members of the Gronau Anglers and other interested groups, as well as a federation of over 18 000 anglers.

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