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Friday, 2022-07-01


Saturday, 05/11/2011 One Take Only

It is actually much too bright, much too sunny and much too beautiful a day to go piking.

But I try anyway.  It is the plain of lakes in South Donegal again.  And after having tried two lakes in vain, I come to Lough...

Sunday, 16/10/2011 Smoking Session at the Trout Gorge Hut

Today is a special day at the “Trout Gorge Hut” in Loccum, Lower Saxony, Germany.  Not only weather wise.  There is a trout smoking session on today.  Yesterday around 100 Rainbows have been cleaned and seasoned in...

Friday, 30/09/2011 Pike Fishing on Upper Lough Erne

A weekend afloat

Friday, 09/09/2011 More Rain

It has rained last night, again.  Ray and me are off to the Owenea.  The river is very high, more or less unfishable, but we try anyway.  Above Glenties there are a few pools worth fishing in these...

Thursday, 08/09/2011 Again below the Old Turf Bridge

Since the Owenea gave me a salmon yesterday, I try the same spot again.  Fishing down from the Old Turf Bridge.

At Kelly’s I meet John Northridge and Otmar Butz.