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Tuesday, 2020-02-25


Wednesday, 07/09/2011 Time to catch a salmon

Today the Owenea is fishable and we try the stretch around the Old Turf Bridge.  At a Pool, actually more a run, called Sanalough, I manage to catch a wee grilse.

Tuesday, 06/09/2011 More rain, more wind

The Owenea is much too high, so Ray and me drive over to Lough Finn and try our luck for some trout.

But the wind makes fishing more or less impossible.  There is only one sheltered bay where, with the wind behind, we can...

Monday, 05/09/2011 Today the Owenea looks right

There was some more rain last night and the Owenea is just about right.  For my liking anyway.  Despite my best efforts I cannot catch a fish.  But a feller with his spinner gets one immediately.

Sunday, 04/09/2011 Otmar and me trying the Glen River

The Owenea is, after a hefty dose of rain just that bit too high for comfort.  So, we drive over to the Glen River near Carrick.  That looks good and we give it a go.

Thursday, 01/09/2011 With Mr. Trautmann at Lough Finn

Ruediger Trautmann and me fished Lough Finn, despite the northeasterly winds.  Not completely unexpected the trout were not really taking.

So, we drove over to Derryhenny and fished Lough Acloghbolie.  And, there we...