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Tuesday, 2020-02-25


Saturday, 06/08/2011 Plenty of Mackerel in the bay

There are a good few mackerel in Donegal Bay.  Since there is still no rain to make the salmon fishing worthwhile, I’m going to fish the sea.

It is a mild, soft day and the mackerel take the lure well.

Friday, 05/08/2011 South Donegal trout

Ray and me went to a South Donegal mountain lake and had great fun catching good size brown trout.  Ray thought it would be a good idea not telling the whole world the name of the water in question.

The flies that did the...

Tuesday, 02/08/2011 Again up at Glencolumbcille

Ray Robinson and me decided it was time to go up to the lakes at Glencolumbcille again.  Although the weather's not really up to scratch: no rain, not much wind and not a thunder storm in sight. We had a great day anyway,...

Saturday, 30/07/2011 Low Water at Lough Namanfin

It hasn’t really rained in ages.  Or so it feels.  So, to Lough Namanfin I.  In pursuit of the humble trout.  There is a westerly breeze and a dark sky, but no rain in sight.

Tuesday, 28/06/2011 The Trout Ponds of Loccum

At a disused railway embankment, close to Loccum, a little village in northern Germany, there are four smallish trout ponds.  Regularly stocked with rainbows, they don’t really resemble the wild waters of the Blue Stack...