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Monday, 2020-02-24


Friday, 10/06/2011 The day of the Masquerade

There was more rain last night, so the Owenea was still in perfect condition.  Because of yesterday’s success we decided to fish the same places again.

Veni, Vidi, Vici Ray had a fish with the third cast.  On a...

Thursday, 09/06/2011 The Owenea looks perfect

Ray, Otmar and me are off to the Owenea again.  Today the water levels are perfect and we hope to come up with a fish between us.  There are quite a few salmon in the river now and we have this feeling: the drift net...

Tuesday, 07/06/2011 Much too much water in the Owenea

The day was wet and cold.  But since Otmar caught such a great fish yesterday, we wanted to try the Owenea again.

The river was much too high for fishing though, after all that rain.

So, we drove up to Lough Anna.

Monday, 06/06/2011 Otmar’s Day

Otmar Butz, Ray Robinson and me decided to spend a day at the Owenea.  After all that rain these last couple of days that seemed to be a good idea.

The weather? Well, it rained hard and it was much too cold for the time of...

Sunday, 29/05/2011 Showery weather at Lough Atlieve

The temperatures are still down, but there is a bit of blue visible today.  So, I shall try Lough Atlieve at Barnesmore.