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Wednesday, 2022-05-18


Friday, 27/05/2011 Croagh Lough trout take the Invicta

This month of May is, weather wise, a disaster.  Rain, wind and very low temperatures, the low teens is all we are getting, at best.

But the Invicta is going strong these last couple of outings.  Most fish fell to...

Monday, 23/05/2011 Boating on Lough Unshin, Co. Donegal

There is only a good breeze remaining.  The storm has vanished into thin air.  Even the temperatures have risen a bit.  So, after a long pause, it is boating again, on Lough Unshin in South Donegal.

Saturday, 21/05/2011 Lough Anna Trout

Eating the loot is a big part of trout fishing, for me anyway.  Mountain lake trout are a real delicacy and should be celebrated.

Today angling is out of the question altogether: there is a severe gale blowing and the...

Friday, 20/05/2011 Up at Lough Anna

The weather still hasn’t improved.  It is cool and very breezy.  Nevertheless I want to go fishing.  It is May, the month of the trout.  So, to Lough Anna I.

Thursday, 19/05/2011 Still no salmon from the Owenea

There was more rain yesterday, so I try the Owenea again.  This time further up, towards Glenties.  Supposedly there were a few caught today, but I can’t see or catch one.