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Tuesday, 2020-02-25


Tuesday, 17/05/2011 With Ray and Ted at Lough Slug

Ray’s brother Ted is over from England.  And he loves smoked trout; therefore we go to Lough Slug and try to catch some.  But Ted thinks it is much too cold and stays in the car, reading the paper.  Ray and me...

Saturday, 14/05/2011 Lough Namanfin

I think it is still much too cold for the time of year.  That is why not even the trout take properly.  You have really to work hard for a couple of takes.

I have this notion of catching a few brown trout for the pan...

Friday, 13/05/2011 The Owenea at Ardara

After the endless easterly winds the weather turned very cold again, with westerly winds and a good dose of rain also.

I heard through the grapevine there are some salmon in the Owenea. So, I made my way to the lower reaches of...

Tuesday, 10/05/2011 Lough Free after the fires.

Lough Free and the Maas Road at Ardara were badly hit by the Gorse and Bog – fires.  But it has rained lately and things begin to recover already.  Slowly.

Monday, 02/05/2011 Long time no see.

We want to fish Lough Nalughraman again.  The weather is changing, there is a westerly airflow now and a bit of rain also.  On the way to Nalughraman stop at Glengesh and have a look at the view.  Quite nice.