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Tuesday, 2020-02-25


Thursday, 31/03/2011 At Croagh and Croagh Lough

Meenahorn and Croagh aren’t far apart.  So, today I’ll try Croagh Lough.

The fishing is the same as yesterday.  Fished all around the lake and nothing to show; then I come to a stretch of about sixty meters and that’s...

Wednesday, 30/03/2011 Again at Meenahorn


Meenahorn Lake is what we call Lough Namanfin locally.  And that’s where I’m going again.  Just to see whether the trout take a bit more eagerly today.

Fished all around the lake with very little success; until I...

Thursday, 24/03/2011 Fishing Lough Namanfin

Lough Namanfin is not far from my house.  So, it is the lake I have fished most often in Ireland, but it still looks different every time.

Tuesday, 22/03/2011 At the foothills of the Blue Stack Mountains

Lough Meenaguse lies, shaped like a horseshoe, in the foothills of the Blue Stack Mountains, County Donegal.

A walk of about 20 minutes brings me there.

Tuesday, 08/03/2011 Barnesmore beckons

Early March was reasonably mild.  So Ray and me decided to drive up to the windmills at Barnesmore and fish Lough Slug.

Thank God it rained cats and dogs; Raymondo Weather in other words.  He just loves these...