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Monday, 2020-02-24

Smoking Session at the Trout Gorge Hut

Karl-Heinz Bahro and Guenther Lampe at the cleaning pump.

Guenther and Reinhard Lampe spiking the trout with stainless steel hooks.

Guenther Lampe and a rack of trout.

One last check.

Karl-Heinz Bahro, The Administrator, waiting for custom.

That’s the stuff.

The gathering of trout hungry people.

Today is a special day at the “Trout Gorge Hut” in Loccum, Lower Saxony, Germany.  Not only weather wise.  There is a trout smoking session on today.  Yesterday around 100 Rainbows have been cleaned and seasoned in a special secret brine, today they are going to be smoked.

Sunday, 16/10/2011 11:44 Age: 8 Years