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Tuesday, 2020-02-25

Pike Fishing on Upper Lough Erne

A weekend afloat

Carry Bridge and the obligatory swan.

Christian looking forward to next day’s cruising.

After a good breakfast we head down the river.

Christian recommends Knockninny for a fishing session. That’s what we are heading for.

Easy fishing off the Knockninny jetty.

In a very short time I manage to catch five pike and lose three more. All on a small spoon. Not bad for a few hours spinning.

Contented Christian on the way back to Carry Bridge.

Christian Barsch has a cabin cruiser at Carry Bridge, County Fermanagh, Northern IrelandI was invited to spend the weekend afloat on the Upper Lough Erne System.  Of course all that is good pike and perch water, so, a few rods made it onto the boat as well.

Friday, 30/09/2011 11:53 Age: 8 Years