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Wednesday, 2022-05-18

Here comes the rain again

Me with Brown Trout. Not exactly what we came for.

A Sea Trout took the shrimp fly. But no Salmon at Drumboarty.

From Drumboarty to the Eany Beg at Ballymacahill.

Ray not only caught a Sea Trout there, but a hefty tangle also.

Finally there is a Salmon. Big smile, of course.

There we have him.

This Angler hooked and lost a Salmon at the confluence of Eany and Eany Beg.

After a day and a night of heavy rain there is lots of water in all the Donegal Rivers.  Ray and me try the Upper Eany at Drumboarty.  In the past we had good results up here, particularly in August and September.  The pools are only small and look inconspicuous, but can be good at times.

Thursday, 11/08/2011 07:19 Age: 11 Years