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Saturday, 2022-07-02

Where To Fish In Ireland Vol. 5


Dietrich Bohnhorst’s
Where to Fish in Ireland


Volume V
Pike in the Upper Erne System



The audiovisual Guide to 68 hotspots in the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland.

Everything the pike angler has to know to fish the 68 Hotspots successfully.

Running Time: 100 min.

Where to Fish in Ireland is a practical step by step procedure explaining everything from fishing licences, the correct line, lure and fly to use, to detailed descriptions of how to access the best lakes and rivers in the Upper Erne System

Where To Fish For Pike In The Upper Erne Region

In addition, and at no extra cost, sweeping vistas, multi-layered inlays and maps of each area fished-including-yes-including towns and villages to stay while enjoying the fishing.
One of the anglers in this DVD is named Rudy Trautmann-you couldn't make it up, could you!!
Looking at these fellers could you ever imagine them dressed in a pair of perma pressed slacks, I think not.

Volume V, Pike in the Upper Erne, is available for only €20 on DVD in library case

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