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Saturday, 2021-01-23


Friday, 13/07/2012 Magic Afternoon in three Acts

Act One

Wednesday, 11/07/2012 St. John’s Point and no fish

This time of the year you can catch pollack and mackerel off the rocks at St. John’s Point.  And usually you always get a few.  No problem. Today is different though.  There are a good few anglers but no...

Monday, 09/07/2012 Miniature Salmon

It rained all night, or so it seemed, but no flood in the rivers at all. The Owenea is as low as the Eany, but since I came all the way from Inver, I shall give the Owenea a go.  There are a few spots where you are in with a...

Saturday, 07/07/2012 Second Cast Salmon

The Masquerade strikes again.  In the Owenea, County Donegal.  With the second cast and with water levels actually a bit too low for comfort. You thought there was so much rain last night, the water should be up, but...

Wednesday, 04/07/2012 On the Fourth of July

Yesterday was all wet and windy, today the rivers look good.  Particularly the Owenea has really nice water.  I try the stretch just below Glenties, at the football field.  To my delight I catch a few sea trout in...