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Saturday, 2022-07-02


Sunday, 30/09/2012 Last Day of the Salmon Season

Now it’s finally here, that dreaded day: the last one of the trout and salmon season.

Ray and me drive down to the Eany, to Ballynacahill Bridge near Frosses.

In no time at all I can manage to get one in the Eany Beg, just...

Saturday, 29/09/2012 It has rained too much

Well, that can happen too.  All the rivers are too high; and Ray and me drive up to Lough Finn.

The weather is very changeable with gloomy dark clouds and pretty blue skies all around within half an hour.

Friday, 28/09/2012 Nacroaghy revisited

We haven’t fished Lough Nacroaghy in ages, almost forgot the lake altogether.

Today we decide to drive up there and give it a go.

Thursday, 27/09/2012 Towards the windmills

Following the gravel road from Barnesmore up to the Blue Stack Mountains and the windmills, I come to Lough Atlieve.  Th little lake lies directly by the road and you have beautiful view from up here.

Wednesday, 26/09/2012 I want to be fishing all the time

The season is coming to a close and I want to be fishing all the time, before it is over for yet another year.

Today it’s the Owenea.