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Saturday, 2018-03-24


Wednesday, 05/09/2012 Lough Namanfin

Since there was some drizzle these last days, never enough to bring the rivers up though, I want to fish Meenahorn and Lough Namanfin.  That lake usually never disappoints.

Saturday, 01/09/2012 A weekend on Upper Lough Erne

Weekend and friends and pike and perch and beer and barbeque on Upper Lough Erne in Northern Ireland.  What more can a body want? Pike fishing on the Erne System is definitely worth a try, there are good stocks all along. I...

Monday, 20/08/2012 Only a half flood.

It rained a bit last night, again, and this time there is some water in the rivers.  The Owenea looks good and at Gavigan’s Pool I can manage to catch two within 10 minutes.  On the Masquerade.  I have the feeling...

Wednesday, 15/08/2012 Strange Year

This summer is strange, somehow.  It rains a lot in the sunny southeast and Donegal gets only drizzle, never enough to fill up the rivers.  So it rarely feels like summer, with good doses of rain and a lot of Salmon...

Saturday, 04/08/2012 Should have gone to St.John’s Point

It was a warm, sunny and calm day.  Ray suggested we go fishing.  I thought on St. John’s Point, to catch some Mackerel or Pollack.  But Ray dragged me up to the Blue Stacks and Lough Atlieve, where we caught f***...