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Sunday, 2020-11-29

April 2013, an Angler's Disaster

Something to be happy about.

Kiltooris near Ardara, Co. Donegal, looks perfect, but: cold northerly winds and no fish.

Again Kiltooris and again no fish.

Lough Aveehy, between Ardara and Maas; looks great, but no fish.

View across Aveehy, you can feel the cold conditions.

April 2013 and the trout angler runs almost out of excuses.  Too cold, too windy, too miserable; that sums it sort of up. My only success: for the first time ever I managed to grow a few mushrooms. I haven’t been fishing much at all this month, due to the weather, so here are just a few pictures of landscapes, and mushrooms of course.

Tuesday, 30/04/2013 10:37 Age: 8 Years