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Friday, 2021-01-22


Tuesday, 09/07/2013 Mackerel at St. John’s Point

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Friday, 28/06/2013 The Summer is back

After a little interlude with a bit of rain and cloudy skies the summer is back.  High temperatures and sunny conditions.  Time to catch some more Mackerel at St. John’s Point.

Friday, 14/06/2013 Owenea Salmon

A hefty salmon is caught on the shrimp fly.  Date 14.06. 2013. Place: Owenea River, Co. Donegal. With Dietrich Bohnhorst and Ray Robinson. Music: Gavin Courtie and Liz Radford, Notepad Music Productions.

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Thursday, 13/06/2013 Weight Forward – Ray’s New Line

Ray needs a new fly line for his salmon rod.  Dietrich and Otmar help to put it on the reel.  They are so successful that Ray catches a salmon immediately, with his new line; on a Bibio in the Owenea. With Ray...