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Tuesday, 2020-10-20


Tuesday, 14/05/2013 Just a picture of Lough Rushen

Lough Rushen in South Donegal holds a good stock of medium sized trout.  Ray and me gave it a try today, but no luck.  So here is just a photograph of that beautiful lake.

Sunday, 05/05/2013 A day on Upper Lough Erne

Still much too cold and miserable.  No feeling of spring at all. Pike should take in any weather though.  That’s why I was heading to Upper Lough Erne, just above a place called Carry Bridge.  There I could manage...

Tuesday, 30/04/2013 April 2013, an Angler's Disaster

April 2013 and the trout angler runs almost out of excuses.  Too cold, too windy, too miserable; that sums it sort of up. My only success: for the first time ever I managed to grow a few mushrooms. I haven’t been fishing...

Sunday, 07/04/2013 Lough Fad revisited

Though Ray and me fished it already at the first of March, I am back at Lough Fad today. The wind is still bitterly cold, and coming from the east. Nevertheless a few trout take my Sooty Olive.  The fishing starts really...