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Monday, 2020-11-30


Wednesday, 28/08/2013 Still no rain

I am up at Lough Adeery.  This is some sort of desperation, it hasn’t rained in weeks, well, not enough to go salmon fishing anyway.  Therefore I am up at Lough Adeery near Killybegs.  Hoping to catch a few brown...

Friday, 23/08/2013 Up at Lough Slug again

This summer is just not for the salmonid angler.  It just doesn’t rain hard enough to bring the rivers up.  And it is already the end of August. There is a bit of fog and drizzle hanging in the Blue Stacks, so I try...

Tuesday, 20/08/2013 Tiny Estuary Pollacks and Coaleys

Otmar and I want to fish one of the many estuaries of County Donegal.  We are after sea trout, of course.  There seems to be a swarm of little Pollack and coalfish dominating the scene though. With every cast you catch...

Sunday, 18/08/2013 3 Cast Salmon

Today it didn’t take me long to catch a salmon: 3 casts. A nice fresh grilse fell for the shrimp fly. The place: Owenea River, Kelly’s Pool.