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Monday, 2020-11-30


Tuesday, 13/08/2013 With Otmar Butz at Lough Adeery

There was a bit of rain last night.  Otmar and I hoped it would be enough to do some salmon fishing in any of the rivers.  But: no chance, the water levels were way too low.  So we tried Lough Adeery near Killybegs...

Friday, 09/08/2013 Another one from Lough Namanfin

This is desperation, more or less.  There is nothing much going for the fly fisher, but I can manage to get a trout from Lough Namanfin.  Tomorrow’s dinner saved.

Thursday, 08/08/2013 Mini Flood in the Eany

It has rained a bit last night and there was a mini flood in the Eany More.  Not enough to bring the salmon up.  Unfortunately.

Tuesday, 23/07/2013 Meenahorn Trout

Still dry and warm, but I want to catch a trout.  For supper.  The chances are slim, with all this dry weather and sunny skies.  But eventually I succeed, at Meenahorn in Lough Namanfin.

Tuesday, 16/07/2013 Low Water

The rivers are just like a trickle and remind me of the ones in the south of Spain.