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Saturday, 2022-07-02


Tuesday, 08/04/2014 Boating on Lough Unshin

Lough Unshin in South Donegal has a little boat slip and that’s where I am today.  The forecast has given sunny conditions and almost a heat wave.  12 Centigrade.I can manage to catch well over 20 brown trout, but they...

Wednesday, 19/03/2014 Blustery Day at Lough Adeery

It is raining, it is very windy, it feels pretty cold and most people would stay at home. I’m at Lough Adeery above Killybegs in Co. Donegal.  It is only possible to fish the sheltered, little bays, with the wind in your...

Saturday, 15/03/2014 Another Day at the Termon River

It hasn’t rained these last few days and the river is pretty much down.  Nevertheless, the pools look pretty good and I fish the Termon River below Pettigo again.There are the ruins of McGrath’s Castle, overlooking the River...