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Saturday, 2022-07-02

On the Irish Erne and Shannon Waterways

Have you ever thought on doing that trip of a lifetime?
Skipper your cabin cruiser on the Irish Erne and Shannon Waterways?
Have a look at spectacular landscapes from a different perspective?
This DVD is the ideal companion for everyone wishing to go on that journey.



The Bet: a road movie on water

THE BET   an unusual journey into all the four provinces of Ireland.  A road movie, just on water.
GOOD TO KNOW   some things you should know when going on a cruise
SAFETY FIRST   basics about safety on water
DIRECTORY   useful contacts and businesses

DVD 86 min. in library case for only €20

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Tel.: ++353-(0)74-97 36922

I bought the latest Video you have done: "excellent."
J. Boyle, Glenties, Ireland