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Wednesday, 2022-08-10


The fly-fishing movie with a difference

Lots of Pictures

The angler's diary is usually filled with information and observation on species, waters, lures, flies and baits, or, of course wind directions, weather conditions etc.  The reason for all this surely, is to draw conclusions.

Conclusions that allow us to better calculate, or handle, at least a few of the many toos.  Too windy, too calm, too bright, too cold, too warm, too high, too low and so on.  One of the reasons for us to keep a diary is then obviously:  being able to identify the perfect angling day and what to do with it.


Weight Forward – Ray’s New Line

But, when you fish enthusiastically for a while, about twenty years or so, you will realise that the perfect day always looks different.  Lots of pictures of these perfect angling days have formed themselves in your mind, making it a pleasure, and a puzzle, to look back.

This is what we hope to achive with this diary section: inspire to look back and inspire to look forward, to the next fishing trip.

Do not open gates or cross farmland without permission.

Fishermen should always take care to see that the necessary permissions are obtained from the land - or fishery owners.

Do not open gates or park cars in fields.

At all times respect landowners' property. Keep the waterside clean and bring your litter home.