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Saturday, 2022-07-02

Wednesday, 23/09/2009

With Otmar at Lough Watvaneill

Only a few more days left and yet another season comes to an end.  Otmar Butz and me try our...

Monday, 21/09/2009

The Pool below the Footbridge

At the Owenea, there is a little footbridge across the river.  Below it there are stepping...

Friday, 18/09/2009

Ray, Otmar and me at the Owenea

The three of us went to the Owenea in the hope of a salmon.  There were a few about, but not...

Wednesday, 16/09/2009

At the reservoir

Killybegs Reservoir is a biggish water with many trout of different sizes.  Mostly you get...

Monday, 14/09/2009

Not a ripple on Lough Atlieve

Thank God it is September and the midges are not that aggressive anymore.  Otherwise I would...

Tuesday, 01/09/2009

I catch another Salmon

There are days where you fish ten or more hours for salmon and don’t get a take at all.  Today...

Thursday, 27/08/2009

Lough Anna in the rain

It is still raining and the rivers are too high.  So, we decide to drive up to Lough Anna,...

Wednesday, 26/08/2009

Big water

There was heavy rain last night and all the rivers are very high.  We try the upper Owenea,...

Tuesday, 25/08/2009

I caught a Salmon

Ray refers to the place where I caught my first salmon of the season: the pool where everybody...

Sunday, 09/08/2009

August and still no real grilse run

The grilse fishing should be in full swing by now, but this year, like last, there isn’t much...

Saturday, 08/08/2009

Big Brown Trout from the Eany

Usually the brown trout you catch in the Eany River, Co. Donegal, are miniature ones.  But...

Monday, 03/08/2009

Ray hasn’t fished Meenahorn in ages

Ray hasn’t fished Meenahorn in ages.  But this afternoon we go there and the Wickham’s Fancy...

Saturday, 01/08/2009

It is Lough Nalughraman again

Lough Nalughraman, somewhere between Ardara and Carrick in the Blue Stack Mountains, is always good...

Tuesday, 28/07/2009

High up in the Blue Stacks

Between Donegal Town and Ballybofey, up in the Blue Stacks there are plenty of lakes.  We...

Saturday, 25/07/2009

An evening at Lough Free

Ray picked me up at the house and we drove to Lough Free, outside of Ardara.After admiring the...

Friday, 24/07/2009

Good water in the Owenea River

Good water in the Owenea River.  We tried our best, but there was just hardly a fish in the...

Thursday, 23/07/2009

Back in Ireland again

After two months in Germany I am back in Ireland again.  And thank God, I am Fishing again....

Friday, 03/07/2009

Another set of pictures in the mail from Ray Robinson

Ray has sent me some more pictures of his recent angling trips to Germany.  Here they are.

Tuesday, 23/06/2009

Congratulations and Celebrations

He has done it again, and this time the fish is even bigger.  Again Owenea and again Bibio.

Monday, 22/06/2009

Ray catches Salmon in June

Ray Robinson caught a nice fresh salmon in the Owenea.  He mailed the pictures to...

Monday, 25/05/2009

Killybegs Reservoir in the sun

Lots and lots of takes, but the buggers don’t hang on.  They are coming short, as the expert...

Friday, 22/05/2009

At Lough Nalughraman near Ardara

All we want is three each for a feed.  That proves to be no problem.  Ray and me catch...

Wednesday, 20/05/2009

Fuck up at Lough Slug

Thank God, Ray has the tackle always in an immaculate state. That's all I have to say to this.

Monday, 18/05/2009

Beautiful weather/bad weather

Blue skies all around in the Blue Stack Mountains.  Ray of course thinks this is very bad...

Saturday, 16/05/2009

At Lough Ananima

Again at Lough Ananima, near Glenties, Co. Donegal.  The lake has good trout, but they are not...

Friday, 15/05/2009

Fishing Meenahorn

The lake looks always different, though I must have fished it a hundred times; there are always new...

Tuesday, 28/04/2009

A day at the Robe River

Ray and I did a little trip down to the Robe River in County Mayo.  The river is not very big,...

Thursday, 23/04/2009

Trouting at the Unshin River, Co. Sligo

The Unsin River runs out of Lough Arrow and is regarded as a good brown trout river.  Ray and...

Wednesday, 22/04/2009

Pike fishing at Lough Meelagh, Co. Roscommon

Pike after pike after pike, and just one spinner.  We came to catch trout, but there were pike...

Saturday, 18/04/2009

A day in the Blue Stacks

Ray says: this is very bad weather.  Blue sky ‘n all.  But we managed to catch a few...

Thursday, 12/03/2009

Daffodils and Trout

Same procedure as last year.  Seems like the first good trout comes from the Termon River,...

Monday, 02/03/2009

Open Season for Trout

The trout season opened yesterday.  But the weather is slightly against it.

Sunday, 01/03/2009

We go to Slieve League

Whoever comes to visit Donegal should see Slieve League, the highest or second highest sea cliffs...

Saturday, 28/02/2009

Willy's Visit

Willy Fickelscher visited me and took off for a trip to North Donegal.  Here are some of the...