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Saturday, 2022-07-02

Sunday, 28/09/2008

Another Season comes to a close

For me it is always a bit sad to see the winter coming.  There is melancholy in the air and...

Tuesday, 23/09/2008

Fishing the Eany

The Eany, another good Donegal salmon river, has many pools.  The most popular of them is the...

Monday, 22/09/2008

Plenty of Salmon in the Owenea

Fish everywhere, but we can't catch one.  That is not a complaint.

Friday, 19/09/2008

Off the Maas Road

Along the Maas Road, atween Ardara and Maas, County Donegal, there are a couple of lakes well worth...

Tuesday, 16/09/2008

Salmon from the Owenea

There was a good drop of rain recently and the Owenea is in good nick.  So we try what we call...

Thursday, 11/09/2008

Ray and Otmar and Me up at Glencolumbcille

To go to the mountain lakes up at Glencolumbcille is always something very special. I always look...

Wednesday, 27/08/2008

Another Owenea Salmon

Though the rain has stopped, there is still enough water in the Owenea to catch a fish.  The...

Tuesday, 26/08/2008

Salmon run the Owenea

The grilse run happened today, about four weeks late.  We saw fish everywhere, a very...

Sunday, 24/08/2008

More Tales from the Owenea

The Owenea has water and looks perfect.  We can see a lot of fish but only this one takes the...

Wednesday, 20/08/2008

Lough Skannive

We catch a few small brown trout in Lough Skannive, County Galway.  A farmer tells us, there...

Tuesday, 19/08/2008

Connemara National Park

Lough Nahillion is at the south tip of "Connemara National Park" and Mr. Raymondo and I...

Monday, 18/08/2008

At Lough Easky

Lough Easky lies high up in the Ox Mountains, County Sligo.  The setting is splended and there...

Sunday, 17/08/2008

A Salmon for Otmar Butz

Again lots of water in the Owenea.  The usual thing in Donegal: once it has started to...

Tuesday, 12/08/2008

Ray does it again

Another salmon for Mr. Robinson from the Owenea.  You might have guessed it already: it took...

Monday, 11/08/2008

At Haughton's Shore

At Haughton's Shore, Co. Leitrim. The Shannon-Erne Waterway meets Lough Garadice. The entire area...

Sunday, 10/08/2008

On the Bibio

Ray Robinson always catches salmon on the Bibio.  They are all tied on single hooks and...

Friday, 08/08/2008

The day the rain came

After a dry spell there was a dose of rain again and we were of course out fishing for...

Tuesday, 05/08/2008

No Rain, no Salmon

No rain, no salmon.  So, it's the lakes of the Blue Stack Mountains again.  Ray Robinson...

Thursday, 24/07/2008

In the Blue Stacks

The Blue Stack Mountains in Co. Donegal are like a magnet. Trout anglers are just drawn to them,...

Sunday, 20/07/2008

Brown Trout at Lough Carrowmore

Lough Carrowmore, near Bangor Erris, County Mayo, is a known sea trout and salmon water.  But...

Wednesday, 16/07/2008

Lough Inchiquin

Lough Inchiquin, a limestone lake in the Burren, Co. Clare.  A river runs through it. ...

Tuesday, 15/07/2008

Little Mermaid

A visit to the Burren in County Clare.  With me are Iris Tantow and granddaughter Sarah...

Wednesday, 02/07/2008

Dull Day, lots of Fish

Since the salmon seem to come later every year, we decided to go trouting today, despite the fact...

Tuesday, 24/06/2008

More Rain; Perfect Water in the Owenea

This is great weather now; for the salmon angler anyway. It rains day and night but the rivers...

Monday, 23/06/2008

At the Eanybeg

Still no grilse run.  At least we can't see or catch anything.  The river looks like dead.

Sunday, 22/06/2008

The Owenea looks good

More rain during the night and the Owenea below Glenties looks pretty good.

Saturday, 21/06/2008

The Eany in Good Flood

This time of year there should be the odd salmon in the Eany.  Specially after a night's heavy...

Thursday, 19/06/2008

Lough Geeta

Lough Geeta is a long walk away from a tiny bog road.  There are no other lakes with trout...

Wednesday, 18/06/2008

At The Cliffs

Slieve League, famous cliffs in Co. Donegal.  Not only a place where the sight-seer wants to...

Tuesday, 17/06/2008

At Kleengort, Lettermacaward

The town-land of Kleengort lies high up overlooking Lettermacaward and the Gweebarra-estuary. To...

Monday, 16/06/2008

Lough Derkmore at Lettermacaward

Lough Derkmore is a natural lake serving as public watersupply for the Lower Rosses Region in...

Sunday, 15/06/2008

Fishing the Rosses

Ruediger Trautmann invited me up to the Rosses to fish the Laeghan Loughs.  He had some good...

Friday, 13/06/2008

Boating on Lough Unshin

Lough Unshin in South Donegal is full of small brown trout.  That's what we though all the...

Wednesday, 11/06/2008

Big Trout Day

A day to remember.  Big trout taking the fly right left and centre.

Friday, 06/06/2008

Big Trout

Some lakes shall always be a secret, particularly when they are remote and not that easy to find.

Wednesday, 04/06/2008

Ruediger Trautmann strikes again

The Leaghan Lakes in The Rosses near Dungloe, County Donegal.  Always worth a visit.  Mr....

Tuesday, 03/06/2008

No Fish from Lough Free

Hard to believe, but there are days when even Mr. Robinson doesn't catch a trout.  They are...

Monday, 02/06/2008

With Ray and Ted Robinson at Lough Slug

Mr. Ted Robinson is on his annual vacation to County Donegal.

Sunday, 18/05/2008

In the Partry Mountains

When nothing goes in the big lakes, resort to Plan B and fish the smaller ones. There are a...

Thursday, 15/05/2008

Fishing Lough Mask

Mighty Lough Mask.  Wonderful lake in wonderful surroundings.

Thursday, 01/05/2008

Cloonaghmore Bay, Lough Conn

Lough Conn, another world famous angling water and not a fish in sight.  Well, I saw a salmon...

Tuesday, 29/04/2008

At Lough Arrow, County Sligo

Many of the great Irish Brown Trout Loughs are only a shadow of what they used to be in the...

Wednesday, 09/04/2008

Some people should stay at home

Why do some people leave their litter behind?  I just can't understand that.

Tuesday, 08/04/2008

A Trout from the Derg River

The Derg River is usually known for Salmon fishing, but early in the season I like fishing it for...

Monday, 07/04/2008

At Lough Nalughraman

It always pays to take a little detour in Co. Donegal, because the reward is mostly a couple of...

Wednesday, 02/04/2008

Again at the Termon River

Another day at the Termon River near Pettigo in South Donegal.  The river follows partly the...

Monday, 17/03/2008

Paddy's Day at Lough Namanlagh

Paddy's Day and beautiful weather, but not a fish in sight.

Friday, 14/03/2008

At the Termon River

The Termon River near Pettigo, Co. Donegal.

Saturday, 01/03/2008

Open Season

First Day of the Trout Season

Thursday, 07/02/2008

February 2008

Wolfgang Mensching visits Donegal Part 3

Wednesday, 06/02/2008

February 2008

Wolfgang Mensching visits Donegal Part 2

Tuesday, 05/02/2008

February 2008

Wolfgang Mensching visits Donegal Part1

Tuesday, 01/01/2008

Happy New Year

Wishing you all a Happy New Year are Sarah Buettner and Mr. Bohnsdorfer himself.