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Saturday, 2022-07-02

Wednesday, 05/09/2007

September 2007

Back from our European adventure, there is only the month of September left for trout and salmon...

Thursday, 10/05/2007

Lough Nalughraman

Usually, in the month of May, Ray gets a visit from his brother Ted, and usually we go fishing...

Saturday, 05/05/2007

Ray paints the Owenea

Ray painted the Owenea.  Both pictures show pools of the Glenties stretch.  Those who...

Thursday, 03/05/2007

Ray proudly presents

Ray proudly presents his new gear. No more heavy raincoats, just posh breathable stuff from now on...

Wednesday, 02/05/2007

Ray isn't fishing all day long every day

Ray is one of the few great artists who really can paint water.  He proves that time and again.

Thursday, 26/04/2007

Ray's theory

Ray's theory: you'll never catch fish when it is dry and sunny.  He calls these conditions...

Wednesday, 25/04/2007

Lough Warvaneill

Lough Warvaneill is a lake where you hardly have to put a trout back because it's too small. ...

Tuesday, 24/04/2007

At Lough Ananima

This lough looks so easy. But the closer you get, the more difficult gets the walking. ...

Wednesday, 18/04/2007


The Irish call it a soft day. That's when the colours don't seem to be right, because there isn't...

Tuesday, 17/04/2007

Delivering DVDs

Doing the DVD run through Co. Donegal is always a pleasure.

Monday, 02/04/2007

Slieve Snacht

View over to Slieve Snacht, near Glenveagh National Park, Co. Donegal.  Bad weather though:...

Tuesday, 13/03/2007

High up in the Donegal Mountains

Up here you feel like being on top of the world.  Plenty of lakes, lots of brown trout and...

Monday, 12/03/2007

Down to Lough Aghvog

On the way down to Lough Aghvog. The pretty lake is located in the south of Co. Donegal. Walking...

Saturday, 10/03/2007

Karl Heinz Schumacher and Hans-Joerg Schwarze

Karl Heinz Schumacher and Hans-Joerg Schwarze enjoying an evening's entertainment

Friday, 09/03/2007

At Meenahorn lake

There is some sort of hazy sunshine, but the general feel is: pretty cold.

Monday, 05/03/2007

The Termon River in south Donegal

The Termon River in south Donegal, bordering County Fermanagh, near the village of Pettigo. ...

Friday, 02/03/2007

High up in the Donegal Mountains

With Mr Robinson at a tiny stream high up in the Donegal Mountains.

Thursday, 01/03/2007

Opening day

Beautiful weather, good water in the river, but no fish on opening day of the trout season.