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Saturday, 2022-07-02

Wednesday, 15/12/2004

December Pikeing with Mr. Trautmann

Boating on Lough Lee, South Donegal with Ruediger Trautmann.  Is the weather too nice to catch...

Thursday, 02/12/2004

Pikeing in South Donegal

Lough Shivnagh in South Donegal lies directly beside the road and has a good stock of pike and...

Tuesday, 21/09/2004

Nice Water in the Owenea

End of September and the days are getting clearly shorter.  Autumn is in the air.

Monday, 20/09/2004

A nice fish from the Eany, the Masquerade strikes again

A fresh fish at the end of September doesn't happen too often. This one took a Masquerade.Since...

Sunday, 19/09/2004

One from the Eanybeg

Ray Robinson catches every season a good few salmon on his Bibio. The standard Bibio that is,...

Wednesday, 15/09/2004

On the Masquerade

September Salmon on the Masquerade.  Fishing the Owenea near Glenties.

Tuesday, 14/09/2004

The rain came

Rain towards the end of the angling season and a salmon on the Black Widow.

Thursday, 09/09/2004

High Pressure Day

Blue skies all around in Donegal.  Usually not good for angling, but today the Wickham's saves...

Wednesday, 25/08/2004

Glen River near Meenaneary

The Glen River in West Donegal; wild River in wild landscape.

Monday, 23/08/2004

Ray, Linus and me at it again

Lough Boyle in South Donegal revisited, and lots of trout on Bibio and Greenwell's.

Friday, 20/08/2004

Lakes at Glencolumbcille

The lakes up at Glencolumbcille in West Donegal are always worth a visit.  The walk up there...

Monday, 09/08/2004

Windmill Trout

The Windmills at Barnesmore.  There are a couple of lakes up here in the Blue Stack...

Friday, 06/08/2004

Battling for Trout

Bibio and Bogfly save the day.

Fishing Lough Geeta, between Ardara and Glencolumbcille. It is...

Tuesday, 03/08/2004

Wet Socks

At Lough McHugh in North Donegal.

Sunday, 25/07/2004

Jimmy Laffin always catches Fish

A great team: Shrimp Fly and Masquerade.

Thursday, 22/07/2004

A lot of trout from Lough Nalughraman

Somehow a tongue twister, but a great Lough.

Monday, 19/07/2004

Mighty Slieve League

The highest Sea Cliffs of Europe.

Saturday, 17/07/2004

Dry and Sunny

Bad weather for the angler.

Wednesday, 14/07/2004

First ever Mackerel

Jan-Philip Stoffers and the sea.

Sunday, 11/07/2004

At Lough Slug

Just one trout on a Wickham's.

Saturday, 03/07/2004

Right Priorities

You have to get the priorities right.

Friday, 02/07/2004

Fish run the Owenea

On Masquerade and Shrimp Fly.

Thursday, 01/07/2004

Cracker from the Owenea

Cracker on the Shrimp Fly from the Owenea.

Wednesday, 30/06/2004

Fresh from the Eany

One on a Shrimp Fly, from the Devlin's Pool.

Tuesday, 08/06/2004

Plenty of Perch

Fishing the Upper Erne System.

Sunday, 16/05/2004

Ray and Ted Robinson and me

Lough O'Muilligan and the Bibio.

Tuesday, 11/05/2004

On the Bibio

The Bibio somehow never disappoints.

Thursday, 22/04/2004

Ray Robinson

Nice one on the Black Pennell.

Saturday, 17/04/2004

Lough Auva

Picturesque little Lough Auva, at the foot of Slieve League.

Monday, 12/04/2004

Lough Anna

Up in the Blue Stack Mountains.