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Saturday, 2022-07-02

Wednesday, 16/11/2005

Char fishing at Lough Eske

There are two weeks in November, when the char come close to the shoreline at Tawnawully, Lough...

Saturday, 15/10/2005

Various Pictures

Our Friend Dominique Barthou sent us these pictures.  They were taken during his holidays in...

Friday, 30/09/2005

Last day of the salmon season

The anglers say thank you to the Eany River.  The ceremony at Ballymacahill Bridge ends the...

Thursday, 29/09/2005

At Lough Free

Lough free at the Maas Road near Ardara is only a small lake. We love to fish it though, not...

Wednesday, 28/09/2005

Great Weather

There is another Lough Finn in County Donegal.  This one is near Ballyshannon.

Thursday, 22/09/2005

Autumn is in the air

Today it really feels like autumn, and the days are much shorter already.  Another season...

Wednesday, 21/09/2005

Just below the bridge

The Little Eany, or the Eany Beg, can be a good wee river for salmon and sea trout. Particularly...

Friday, 16/09/2005

An evening with Mr. Robinson

Time for the Wickham's Fancy.  Though there are no real sedges around anymore, trout still...

Saturday, 10/09/2005

Clouds over Lough Finn

September trouting on Lough Finn.  The first signs of Autumn are in the air.

Thursday, 01/09/2005

Starting the day right

One of those "too" days: too bright, too sunny, too calm. too warm, too low.

Friday, 26/08/2005

Eany at Drumboarty

Up at Drumboarty the Eany is not really a big river, but at this time of year, with a good bit of...

Wednesday, 24/08/2005

Owenea in flood

One of the most famous pools of the Owenea River is "The Gubbin", just below...

Monday, 22/08/2005

Great water for the fly

All of a sudden, it seems, the salmon have arrived and there are a good few in the rivers, and all...

Friday, 19/08/2005

It rained

Usually at this time of year it just needs a good dose of rain, preferably over night, to bring...

Thursday, 04/08/2005

At Lough Nalughraman

Lough Nalughraman is one of these waters where you never leave without some trout. Well, there...

Monday, 01/08/2005

Favourite spot

Rugged and wild, that is most of Donegal's coastline.  There is this rocky outcrop at St....

Friday, 29/07/2005

Bad weather = lots of sunshine

Thank God, we are living close to the sea.  When there is bad weather, lots of sunshine and...

Saturday, 23/07/2005

The top of the world

Walking up to the lakes at Glencolumbcille is only for the fit angler. It takes about 50 min. to...

Thursday, 21/07/2005

High up in the Donegal Mountains

Lough Finn at Finntown, County Donegal.  Dramatic lake in dramatic landscape, is always worth...

Saturday, 16/07/2005

Lough Unshin

Two boats with five anglers on Lough Unshin and a lot of trout.  That's how Sarah...

Thursday, 14/07/2005

Donegal Weather

This is trout weather, even if it's the middle of July.  When there is rain and wind, you are...

Wednesday, 13/07/2005

Fishing the Big Pond

Always fascinating: fishing off the cliffs for mackerel and pollack. Usually you associate...

Wednesday, 06/07/2005

Trying hard to get a few trout

Jimmy Schmidt, Yorko and me at Meenahorn, or Naman Finn, as they call it.

Saturday, 02/07/2005

No fish for Jimmy Schmidt and me

Lough Kip near Glenties is usually good for a trout or two. But July never was a good month for...

Friday, 01/07/2005

At St. John's Point.

Cliff fishing at St. John's Point near Dunkineely, County Donegal.  Usually there are always...

Tuesday, 21/06/2005

Splendid colours

Gorgeous weather, lots of flowers, but no trout. Here comes the summer.

Friday, 17/06/2005

Small Lakes

Small lakes sometimes hold big fish.  When they are remote enough, you have a pretty good...

Wednesday, 08/06/2005

No rain and no wind

On mighty Lower Lough Erne, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.   Mayfly time and a fish...

Monday, 06/06/2005

We caught f*** all.

There are days like that.  Nothing goes.  Like the thing is jinxed. No fish, no take no...

Sunday, 05/06/2005

Great Fishing

The lakes hidden in the Blue Stack Mountains are a jewel, for the angler in the know.  There...

Friday, 27/05/2005

Raymondo Weather

When it's wet and windy and cold and nobody wants to be out.  That's Raymondo weather.

Wednesday, 18/05/2005

Down to Lough Boyle

Three fellers and The Bibio at Lough Boyle in South Donegal.

Sunday, 15/05/2005

On Lough Melvin

Lough Melvin at the border to Northern Ireland is regarded to be one of the great Irish angling...

Sunday, 08/05/2005

Lough Naman Finn near Inver

Bibio and Wickham's at Lough Naman Finn in South Donegal.

Tuesday, 03/05/2005

A day of two halves

The lakes around Carrick and the Slieve League are like pearls dropped into the landscape.

Monday, 02/05/2005


Very tasty.  Though mountain lake trout are mostly very small, they taste delightful.

Saturday, 30/04/2005

On Lough Unshin, Co. Donegal

Lough Unshin is the right water for the boat angler.  The banks are difficult walking, but...

Wednesday, 27/04/2005

At Barnesmore

The windmills at Barnesmore are always worth a visit.  There are some good lakes, like Lough...

Saturday, 23/04/2005

Near Leitir, Co. Donegal

Lots of casts, lots of different flies tested, but only some small trout caught.

Monday, 18/04/2005

Up at the Reservoir

Beautiful weather but bad fishing.  Or as Mr. Robinson would say: you want gale-force winds...

Friday, 01/04/2005

One take, one Fish

No April Fool's Day prank.  This Lake is really called Lough Free.

Wednesday, 23/03/2005

Easterly Winds

Easterly winds are something the angler in Ireland doesn't really want.

Saturday, 19/03/2005

At Lough Fad

At Lough Fad or The Long Lake.  Very good description for this water.

Friday, 18/03/2005

The feast

Fishing and eating the catch somehow belongs together.  For me at least.

Thursday, 17/03/2005

Paddy's Day

The national holiday of the Irish.  Paddy's Day.

Wednesday, 16/03/2005

The first ever trout

Fishing Killybegs Reservoir with our joung friend from Germany.

Sunday, 06/03/2005

First trout of the season

This time it was not in vain, going to the Termon River.  We have a trout.

Tuesday, 01/03/2005

1. March 2005, First day of the trout season

The Termon River at Pettigo is a good option for catching the first trout of the season.

Tuesday, 04/01/2005

January 2005, a look into the past Photographs courtesy of John Heslink

John Helink found our website and recognised some of the waters he fished in the early 1950s.Here...