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Saturday, 2022-07-02

Tuesday, 14/11/2006

Char at Lough Eske

Not exactly the most exciting thing, this fishing for char, with maggots and float. But when the...

Saturday, 23/09/2006

A salmon from the Eany

Somehow this is the last salmon of the season.  I have it in my water.

Wednesday, 20/09/2006

At the windmills again

Though the windmills and their construction and erection have fucked up the place to a great...

Saturday, 16/09/2006

Ray at Lough Free

When I asked him which fly they took, his dry answer was: on a Blue and Purple Shitty and on a...

Tuesday, 12/09/2006

The Eany River at Letterbarrow

The Eany is only a small river up at Letterbarrow, but well worth a visit later in the...

Monday, 11/09/2006

Spot the trout

This is the new passion for anglers: Trout-Spotting.

Saturday, 09/09/2006

At Disert

Disert or sometimes spelled Dysert, is somehow a magic place, and you know immediately why it was a...

Monday, 04/09/2006

Owenea, at the football field

That was the day Otmar Butz climbed a tree at the football-field near Glenties.  He was so...

Sunday, 03/09/2006

At St. John's Point

Even in September it is worth fishing at St. John's Point. There are still a good few mackerel...

Saturday, 02/09/2006

Killybegs water reservoir, Co. Donegal

Mr. Kapretz, an Austrian from Berlin, wanted to catch a trout.  And he managed without a...

Thursday, 31/08/2006

Fishing the Little Eany

There is this famous spot at the Little Eany, mentioned already by Kingsmill-Moore, in his...

Sunday, 27/08/2006

Autumn at the Owenea River

Looks like the run of grilse occurs a bit later every year now. Ten or fifteen years ago the main...

Saturday, 26/08/2006

Upper Eany River at Drumboarty

The river looked perfect, and we had great weather too.  Lots of rain, yet the river was not...

Friday, 25/08/2006

Blue Stack Mountains and Lough Anna

High above Glenties, County Donegal, there is Lough Anna, or Lough Annie, as the locals call...

Thursday, 24/08/2006

At Lough Ananima

Lough Ananima near Glenties in Co. Donegal is a very difficult place to get to.  And it is...

Tuesday, 22/08/2006

St. John's Point

Another day at the sea, trying to get a few mackerel for the smoker.  Iris and me are at St....

Thursday, 17/08/2006

Good dose of rain

What else is there to say?  I am very lucky to catch a big trout on a size 12 Bibio. ...

Wednesday, 16/08/2006

Splendid weather

Just splendid it is.  To look along Lough Nalughraman on a day like this.  Ray is not too...

Friday, 11/08/2006

The River of the Deer

When in good nick, one of the best rivers in the county. The Owenea or "River of the...

Thursday, 10/08/2006

A run of grilse

No self respecting angler is at home when it is August in Donegal and there is a flood in the...

Monday, 07/08/2006

An evening near Laghey, Co. Donegal

At this time of year, the best time to catch trout is the evenings.  That's why we are on the...

Friday, 04/08/2006

Fishing Lough Mhor

Usually the trout in Lough Mhor are pretty good, size wise.

Wednesday, 02/08/2006

At Glencolumbcille

The lakes up at Glencolumbcille are a long walk away.  Otmar, Ray and me on the way to some...

Wednesday, 26/07/2006

Great evening

Some evenings seem to be made for fly fishing. This is one of them, everything is right and the...

Tuesday, 25/07/2006

High up in the Donegal Mountains

The mountain calls.  Otmar Butz and me in the Blue Stacks.

Friday, 21/07/2006

Tropical Heatwave

On days like this, even the wild North Atlantic looks harmless like a monasteries' tench pond.

Wednesday, 19/07/2006

Sunny conditions

The pleasures of a Donegal Summer.  Well, the angler's pleasures.  I just love fishing...

Friday, 14/07/2006

Ray strikes again

Like a scene from a Shakespearean drama. Mr. Raymondo and The Trout.

Tuesday, 11/07/2006

Boating on Unshin, Co. Donegal

Lough Unshin in South Donegal is a very beautiful water, and it is full of small trout.  When...

Sunday, 09/07/2006

Fish from the Owenea

Big fish produce big smiles.  A happy angler and his catch.  The salmon, by the way, took...

Monday, 03/07/2006

Unusual catch

Fishing off the rocks at St. John's Point.  What a great way to spend a summer's day.

Sunday, 02/07/2006

What a pain

Headache, just a mighty headache.

Friday, 30/06/2006


Trout like these, fresh from the smoker are surely a great delicacy.  Particularly with a pint...

Thursday, 29/06/2006

Lots of rain

Lough Mhor, locally known as "The Lake up at the Corkscrew". Usually you won't catch a...

Monday, 26/06/2006

Old Sweater

For someone who hasn't the slightest interest in football, or any other sport, Ray has a very...

Sunday, 25/06/2006

Up at Barnesmore, Co. Donegal

People who first come to Donegal notice the colours.  Unless you have a soft day, with no sun...

Friday, 23/06/2006

Superb colour

Sometimes the colour of a fresh salmon seems almost artificial, or doctored, or colour...

Thursday, 22/06/2006

A bit of rain

A long dry spell is good for swimming or sun bathing, but not for angling.  But last night...

Sunday, 28/05/2006

Near Barnesmore, Co. Donegal

Barnesmore in South Donegal is a good destination for the trout angler.  There are a few lakes...

Saturday, 27/05/2006

Towards Meenahorn

Looks again completely different.  Lough Naman Finn, or Meenahorn, as they call it.

Friday, 26/05/2006

Croagh Lough, County Donegal

Croagh Lough is a moody little lake.  Sometimes you can't help but catching loads of fish,...

Tuesday, 23/05/2006

Towards Rushen Lough

Straddling the border.  Lough Rushen lies partly in Donegal and partly in Fermanagh, Northern...

Thursday, 18/05/2006

At Menahorn

Close to home, fished at least a hundred times, and still new, every time I go there.

Monday, 08/05/2006

Lough Free Trout

Mr. Robo Robinson has it in the genes.  Here he catches a couple of nice trout in Lough...

Saturday, 06/05/2006

Warm and sunny day at Lough Rushen

Hateful day for Ray: warm and sunny.  The fish didn't know that and took our flies...

Monday, 01/05/2006


According to the Irish calendar this is the first day of summer.  But not much heat about, the...

Tuesday, 25/04/2006

Breezy Hill

Breezy Hill and beyond. Anyway, Lough Unshinn isn't far away, Lough Finn is very close, and...

Thursday, 13/04/2006

At Lough Avehy

Lough Avehy used to hold a stock of good brown trout.  Nowadays it is better known as a pike,...

Wednesday, 12/04/2006

Lough Awaddy, Co. Donegal

Lough Awaddy between Pettigo and Laghey is a long walk away from the road.  Thank God, the...

Tuesday, 11/04/2006

Killybegs Reservoir

The reservoir above Killybegs, County Donegal.  A place from where you seldom come home...

Thursday, 30/03/2006

In the Blue Stack Mountains

At the little Owenrua, a tiny mountain stream, coming down from the heights of the Blue Stack...

Tuesday, 28/03/2006

Near Ardara, Co. Donegal

Ardara lies by the sea.  But you will find freshwater all around.  Ray and me take a...

Saturday, 25/03/2006

Spring is in the air!

Not exactly a tropical heatwave, but some hazy sunshine and a soft, mild day.  It should be...

Monday, 13/03/2006

Rain and wind

Still horrible weather, well at least for fishing.  You just don't want to be out in these...

Wednesday, 01/03/2006

Lots of snow

Opening day of the trout season.  But not much hope to catch a fish.