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Tuesday, 2022-08-09

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  1. FolderDiary The angler's diary
    1. Page2017 Dedicated Angler's diary
    2. Page2016 Dedicated Angler's diary
    3. Page2015 Dedicated Angler's diary
    4. Page2014 Dedicated Angler's diary
    5. Page2013 Dedicated Angler's diary
    6. Page2012 Dedicated Angler's diary
    7. Page2011 Dedicated Angler's diary
    8. Page2010 Dedicated Angler's diary
  2. FolderThe Movies 
    1. PageCounty Donegal Travelling guide to County Donegal, Ireland.
    2. Page44 Brown Trout Lakes Travel Guide to brown trout lakes in Ireland.
    3. Page59 Brown Trout Rivers Travel Guide to brown trout rivers in Ireland.
    4. PageThe Blue Stack Mountains Travelling guide to the Blue Stack Mountains, County Donegal, Ireland.
    5. PagePike in the Upper Erne Travelling guide to the pike waters of the Upper Lough Erne System; Counties Fermanagh, Cavan, Leitrim, Monaghan.
    6. PageDedication DEDICATION is a rambling fishy tail of two awld fellers as grizzled as the hills they roam, searching for the ultimate fish.
    7. PageThe Bibio Live in Europe A quest for the ultimate fly. The Fly-fishing movie not only for anglers; with lots of humour, geography and history.
    8. PageTed Hall's Travelling Companion Ted Hall's Travelling Companion To County Donegal, Ireland
    9. PageDreamcatchers Spoof Shakespeare

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