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Tuesday, 2022-08-09

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The Prince Bibio

On our European adventure in summer 2007, my old friend Helmut Becker introduced me to a nymph like thing, he called The Prince.  All the fish, Rainbows and Brown Trout he caught during our visit to the German Harz mountains, fell to The Prince.  That is basically nothing else but a variation of the Gold Beaded Nymph.

Since my aim was to use only Bibios  on that trip, we came up with a variant and called it Prince Bibio.  Simply a Bibio with a silver head. That allowed me to keep my face, and at the same time fish the deeper faster runs of the Oder River much more successfully.


The Porta Westfalica and tying a Prince Bibio

In the fast rivers of Sweden and Norway, where it was difficult enough to get down to the fish, this thing often saved the day.  Even a pike and some Perch took it.

Back in Ireland, sea trout in Owenea and Eany found the Prince Bibio irresistible, when brought slowly back up to the surface.  There you are.

Hook: strong wetfly - or nymph hook, Size 8 -12
Thread: black
Body: like normal Bibio, black, red, black
Ribbing: silver
Hackle: black, with silver bead in front