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Tuesday, 2022-08-09

Top Ten Flies for Ireland

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The Bogfly

Another Fly utilising the capturing propensities of peacock hearls is the BOGFLY.
I first came across it at a fly tying session with David Murphy in Frosses hall, in the mid nineties. The Bogfly became an immediate hit with us, up in Donegal.  Particularly trout in the smaller, dark waters seem to like the Bog Fly.





I do not know the origins of the fly. But the name indicates a Scottish or Irish birthplace. Both countries have plenty of bogs.

Hook: any strong wet fly hook size 10 to 14
Thread: black
Body: 5 or 6 peacock hearls
Ribbing: black tying thread
Hackle: dirty red hen
Wing: any two matching dark grey or black segments.

Angling and Fly tying: The Bogfly