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Saturday, 2022-07-02

44 Brown Trout Lakes

Dietrich Bohnhorst’s
Where to Fish in Ireland

Volume II
44 Brown Trout Lakes

the audiovisual guide to 44 Loughs in the Irish Republic.

… the definite A to Z of everything the fisherman needs to know about fishing the 44 lakes …
...breathtaking scenery, this DVD is so helpful and well researched.
… outstanding in every respect.
Ted Hall

The A to Z every angler needs to know on Irish Brown Trout Lakes.

Your host is again Brendan Moran

Introduction & Tackle
Sligo & the Ox Mountains
Mayo & Loughs Conn and Cullin
Connemara and Loughs Carra, Mask and Corrib
The Clare Lakes
The Midland Limestone Lakes
Addresses and Links

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