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Wednesday, 2021-06-23


Tuesday, 19/10/2010 More Donegal Pikeing

After yesterday’s success with the pike fishing, I want to try some more Donegal Lakes today.  For Perch this time.

Near Pettigo there are a few Loughs worth trying.

Monday, 18/10/2010 Donegal Pike

Usually Donegal and Pike are not often mentioned in the same sentence.  But there are about 40 lakes in the south of the County where pike dwell.

Today I’ll try to catch one or two in the Cavangarden Lakes.

Tuesday, 21/09/2010 Reluctant Return

Following his weeks holiday catching the mighty trout of Donegal Ricardo Moon has to return home and be content with catching average browns from a secret Sussex Lough.

Thursday, 09/09/2010 Again at Schluesselburg

Wolfgang Mensching tries again to catch a pike or zander behind the weir at Schluesselburg and Wasserstrasse.

But again, there are only chub interested in his spinner.  Even later, in the dark, no zander to be seen.

Friday, 03/09/2010 Fungi-time

The autumn is not only a good time for fishing, but also for collecting fungi.  The angler should know a few of these delicacies; often enough he stumbles over them at rivers or lakes.  Here are a few.