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Wednesday, 2021-06-23


Wednesday, 27/04/2011 We just have to go fishing

To Lough Slug this time.  The weather is still dreadful.  Dry, sunny, breezy with easterly winds and great parts of County Donegal are burning.  The Blue Stacks are, thank God unaffected.

Sunday, 24/04/2011 Lough Atlieve near Barnesmore

Still bad weather.  Lots of sunshine, no rain and easterly breezes.  So, we decide to fish Lough Atlieve near Barnesmore in South Donegal.  That is beside the road and easy to fish.

Tuesday, 19/04/2011 Cronloughan

High up in the Blue Stack Mountains lays Cronloughan.  The walk is difficult and tiresome, but very rewarding.  Alas today’s rewards are just the views.  Apart from a few small trout we catch nothing spectacular.

Saturday, 16/04/2011 Hazy Sunshine, High Pressure, No Wind and Bad Fishing

That’s it.  There is not much more to report.  We went up to Barnesmore and tried Lough Nabrackboy amongst the windmills, but it was just a bad day’s fishing.  But, as we all know, that always beats a good day’s...

Tuesday, 12/04/2011 Lough Namaddy near Barnesmore

Ray and me had a little stroll to an almost forgotten Lough: Namaddy in South Donegal.  The lake is near Barnesmore and a good walk away from the road.  The weather was cool, but sunny, so, we had our little...