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Wednesday, 2022-08-10

The Flies

Stories and Histories

I do not endeavour here to produce a comprehensive list of Irish or European flies.

The contrary, only very few patterns, which have served me well, are mentioned here.

Stories and Histories are nothing else but events or encounters with people or flies, who have formed my life as an angler.


From exciting beginnings in the early 1960s with worm, maggot and spinner to subtle and elegant fly fishing for salmon and trout, my own history as an angler goes back to almost fifty years now.

What would be an angler's life without friends and angling friends or angling partners?  Nothing much.
Therefore the stories and histories of these pages are also stories and histories about friendship and partnership.

Finally I hope they are an invitation and inspiration to go fishing, apart from being informative and entertaining, of course. 

Anybody can catch them there