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Tuesday, 2022-08-09


The fly-fishing movie with a difference.

The Soldier Palmer has done it again

One from the Owenea, County Donegal.


At a Donegal mountain lake.

The Mensching File

Wolfgang strikes again.

Werner Feldner and Pike on Lough Derg

The Masquerade did the deed.

A fresh fish from the Owenea.

Ruediger Trautmann on Oakport Lake

Oakport Lake at Cootehall, Co. Roscommon.

June Salmon from the Owenea

This one took the Soldier Palmer

Otmar Butz and a trout from Lough Arrow

Caught on a "Handbrush".

Lough Nacroaghy

Ray Robinson fishing the hotspot of Lough Nacroaghy, Co. Donegal.

Lough Drumlane Pike

Chris Janssen and a nice Pike from Lough Drumlane, Co. Cavan.

August Salmon

One from Gavigan's Pool, Owenea, County Donegal. Photograph: Otmar Butz

Dooey Beach

Always worth a visit.

In the Summertime

Magic Rocks at St. John's Point.

Fish to eat

Summertime and mackerel.

Owenea Sea Trout

Isn't that great?

An Evening on Derries Lake

Rüdiger Trautmann and his evening pike.

Lough Oughter Pike

Jürgen Leinberger and a good one from Lough Oughter.

A spring trout

A nice spring trout, April 2nd.

Lough Nalughraman Char

First ever char from Lough Nalughraman.

Up in the Blue Stack Mountains

Towards Lough Slug.

Ray Robinson with South Donegal Pike

Pike fishing in Donegal.

One from the Owenea

John Northridge and a big one from Kelly's Pool, Owenea River, Co. Donegal.

Magic Rocks at St. John's Point

Can you imagine a more beautiful spot for mackerel-fishing?

Holy Mackerel

Mackerel from St. John's Point.

Otmar's Day

Otmar and his 12pounder from the Owenea.

Towards the Owenea

Towards the lower Owenea at Ardara.

Donegal on Film

Wenn Sie Donegal besuchen wollen, dann schauen Sie sich diese DVD zuerst an.

Glengesh, County Donegal

Glengesh, zwischen Ardara und Carrick.

Lough Nalughraman

Ray Robinson fishing Lough Nalughraman.


Cronloughan high up in the Blue Stack Mountains, Co. Donegal.

March 1st at Lough Nillan

Great Day in South Donegal.

Angling in Ireland: Pikeing at Lough Meelagh

Fishing in Ireland

The Owenea at Jack's Stream

In perfect nick.

Flying Trout, that's fishing in Donegal

There is always a breeze, as part of fishing in Donegal.

Ray has long Arms

Ray and his fresh fish from the Owenea.

Owenea Sea Trout

A rare visitor to our waters these days.

Beautiful Lough Ea

Lough Ea, Blue Stack Mountains

Award winning movies on DVD

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Where to Fish in Ireland; Volume III

A journey to 59 Brown Trout Rivers. An audiovisual Guide.

Salmon Parr

Killybegs Reservoir

An artificial water that hardly dissapoints.

Lough Nalughraman

Great water with lots of trout.

The Laune River in Killarney

Stretch of the Laune River, Killarney below Lough Leane.

Raymondo catches fish

Ray Robinson into a trout at Lough Slug, County Donegal.

Just a Brownie

That is why we are doing this; walking up a mountain and waving a stick about.

Trout from a mountain lake

Looking forward to a feast.

Meenahorn: Angling in Donegal

Beautiful Meenahorn and Lough Naman Finn; to me this is angling in Donegal.

Lough Atlieve

Ray Robinson fishes Lough Atlieve

Flybox chaos

Ray's immaculate fly box.

September fish

To catch a fresh fish in September is like a present.

Not just small brownies

The Eany has some better trout also, like this one.

The Masquerade strikes again

A fresh fish from the Owenea took the Masquerade.

Irish mist

Ray Robinson casting into the unknown.

Great Trio

A Robe River Trout, a Wickham's and Ray Robinson.

Big Fish

Me and a great trout from The Robe River, County Mayo.

One from the Owenea

A grilse took the shrimp fly.

Beautiful and peaceful Owenea

Otmar Butz and Ray Robinson relax at the picnic table.

Up in the Blue Stack Mountains

Ray Robinson fishes a small mountain lake.

Ray at Lough Slug

Mr. Robinson plays a brown trout.

Small fish big smile

Ray and a trout from a mountain lake in County Donegal.

That's the stuff!

Happy me and a nice one from the Owenea.

Ray's luck

Not bad! Congratulations.

He has done it again

Ray and a nine pounder. Nice!

Bog Cotton at Lough O'Muilligan

A Lake at the Cliffs near Bunglass, County Donegal

Pike fishing at Cavengarden

Wolfgang Mensching and his winter pike.

A winter's day

Pike fishing at Cavengarden with Mr. Mensching.

The Bibio strikes again

Big trout from Donegal Mountain lake.

Up at Glencolumbcille

A big lake with lots of small trout.

Ray at Lough Linus

A big brown trout from the Blue Stack Mountains,

Three great fellers

Me and two salmon from the Owenea.

March at the Termon River

Out for an early spring trout.

At the Owenroe

The Owenroe in March.

Happy at Glencolumbcille

With a nice one from a small mountain lake.