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Tuesday, 2022-08-09

Where to Fish in Ireland

Volume I, County Donegal

Where to Fish


Ireland has on offer some of the finest game and coarse angling in the world. The sheer number of angling waters is just mind boggling.
But before going fishing, lets begin with the basics.
The first thing you need to fish anywhere in Ireland for sea - trout or salmon is the government licence. You can get them from tackle shops, hotels and fisheries boards.
The next thing you will need is a local permit, especially when you intend to fish a river for salmon or sea trout.
Many of the lakes still have free fishing; there is no brown - trout licence as such; but as a general rule: it is always advisable to ask locally.
Do not open gates or cross farmland without permission.

Some words about the tackle

A light salmon rod, single or double handed; 10-12 foot long, fit to handle a class 8 or 9 line is just perfect for any of the north west's salmon and sea trout rivers. Floating lines with a short sinking tip are a favourite with the local angler.
For your brown trout fishing a 9-10 foot rod class 6 or 7 is all you want. A standard floating line will cover you for most situations here.
If you don't know how to handle a fly rod, bubble floating is a good method for catching brown trout in the lakes. You would need an 8-9 foot rod and a line of 3-5 pounds, or 0.18 mm to 0.22 mm for that.
Spinning is another widely used technique to catch salmon and seat trout. You should have an 8-10 foot rod, comfortably casting weights of 40 grams or so with a 10 to 15 pound line, that is 0.30 mm to 0.35 mm.

The coarse fishing tackle corresponds with that used everywhere else for catching Perch, Pike, Bream, and Rudd etc.
So, that's the tackle, and I'm sure you have a rod and line just about right to fish anywhere in Ireland.

The Right Tackle

Fishermen should always take care to see that the necessary permissions are obtained from the land - or fishery owners. The normal access to waters is over stiles.

Do not open gates or park cars in fields.

At all times respect landowners' property. Keep the waterside clean and bring your litter home.